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Once only, when, after the war, he went to see his aunts in hopesof meeting Katusha, and heard that soon after his last visit shehad left, and that his aunts had heard she had been confinedsomewhere or other and had gone quite to the bad, his heartached. According to the time of her confinement, the child mightor might not have been his. His aunts said she had gone wrong,that she had inherited her mother's depraved nature, and he waspleased to hear this opinion of his aunts'. It seemed to acquithim. At first he thought of trying to find her and her child, butthen, just because in the depths of his soul he felt so ashamedand pained when thinking about her, he did not make the necessaryeffort to find her, but tried to forget his sin again and ceasedto think about it. And now this strange coincidence brought itall back to his memory, and demanded from him the acknowledgmentof the heartless, cruel cowardice which had made it possible forhim to live these nine years with such a sin on his conscience.But he was still far from such an acknowledgment, and his onlyfear was that everything might now be found out, and that she orher advocate might recount it all and put him to shame beforeevery one present. wig 50


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In this state of mind Nekhludoff left the Court and went into thejurymen's room. He sat by the window smoking all the while, andhearing what was being said around him.

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The merry merchant seemed with all his heart to sympathise withSmelkoff's way of spending his time. "There, old fellow, that wassomething like! Real Siberian fashion! He knew what he was about,no fear! That's the sort of wench for me."

The foreman was stating his conviction, that in some way or otherthe expert's conclusions were the important thing. PeterGerasimovitch was joking about something with the Jewish clerk,and they burst out laughing. Nekhludoff answered all thequestions addressed to him in monosyllables and longed only to beleft in peace.

When the usher, with his sideways gait, called the jury back tothe Court, Nekhludoff was seized with fear, as if he were notgoing to judge, but to be judged. In the depth of his soul hefelt that he was a scoundrel, who ought to be ashamed to lookpeople in the face, yet, by sheer force of habit, he stepped onto the platform in his usual self-possessed manner, and sat down,crossing his legs and playing with his pince-nez.

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