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"Then you were very young when you were in Paris?" said Charles,addressing Adolphe.

"You must know, monsieur," said the abbe, "that we send them toBabylon as soon as they are weaned."

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Madame des Grassins examined the abbe with a glance of extremepenetration.

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"It is only in the provinces," he continued, "that you will find womenof thirty and more years as fresh as madame, here, with a son about totake his degree. I almost fancy myself back in the days when the youngmen stood on chairs in the ball-room to see you dance, madame," saidthe abbe, turning to his female adversary. "To me, your triumphs arebut of yesterday,"

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"The old rogue!" thought Madame Grassins; "can he have guessed myintentions?"

"It seems that I shall have a good deal of success in Saumur," thoughtCharles as he unbuttoned his great-coat, put a hand into hiswaistcoat, and cast a glance into the far distance, to imitate theattitude which Chantrey has given to Lord Byron.

The inattention of Pere Grandet, or, to speak more truly, thepreoccupation of mind into which the reading of the letter had plungedhim, did not escape the vigilance of the notary and the president, whotried to guess the contents of the letter by the almost imperceptiblemotions of the miser's face, which was then under the full light ofthe candle. He maintained the habitual calm of his features withevident difficulty; we may, in fact, picture to ourselves thecountenance such a man endeavored to preserve as he read the fatalletter which here follows:, wig 48539

My Brother,,It is almost twenty-three years since we have seen wig 50 tassen

each other. My marriage was the occasion of our last interview,

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