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"Thank God! he died at once," she answered, abruptly andviciously.

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"What do you mean? Why?"

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"I was so ill myself, I nearly died," she said, in the same quietvoice, which Nekhludoff had not expected and could notunderstand. wig 40

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"How could my aunts have let you go?"

"Who keeps a servant that has a baby? They sent me off as soon asthey noticed. But why speak of this? I remember nothing. That'sall finished."

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"No, it is not finished; I wish to redeem my sin."

"There's nothing to redeem. What's been has been and is passed,"she said; and, what he never expected, she looked at him andsmiled in an unpleasantly luring, yet piteous, manner.

Maslova never expected to see him again, and certainly not hereand not now; therefore, when she first recognised him, she couldnot keep back the memories which she never wished to revive. Inthe first moment she remembered dimly that new, wonderful worldof feeling and of thought which had been opened to her by thecharming young man who loved her and whom she loved, and then hisincomprehensible cruelty and the whole string of humiliations andsuffering which flowed from and followed that magic joy. Thisgave her pain, and, unable to understand it, she did what she wasalways in the habit of doing, she got rid of these memories byenveloping them in the mist of a depraved life. In the firstmoment, she associated the man now sitting beside her with thelad she had loved; but feeling that this gave her pain, shedissociated them again. Now, this well-dressed, carefully-got-upgentleman with perfumed beard was no longer the Nekhludoff whomshe had loved but only one of the people who made use ofcreatures like herself when they needed them, and whom creatureslike herself had to make use of in their turn as profitably asthey could; and that is why she looked at him with a luring smileand considered silently how she could best make use of him.

"That's all at an end," she said. "Now I'm condemned to Siberia,"and her lip trembled as she was saying this dreadful word.

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