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"One, two, three," and the artist clapped his hands. Katusha,hardly restraining her laughter, changed places with Nekhludoff,behind the artist's back, and pressing his large hand with herlittle rough one, and rustling with her starched petticoat, ranto the left. Nekhludoff ran fast to the right, trying to escapefrom the artist, but when he looked round he saw the artistrunning after Katusha, who kept well ahead, her firm young legsmoving rapidly. There was a lilac bush in front of them, andKatusha made a sign with her head to Nekhludoff to join herbehind it, for if they once clasped hands again they were safefrom their pursuer, that being a rule of the game. He understoodthe sign, and ran behind the bush, but he did not know that therewas a small ditch overgrown with nettles there. He stumbled andfell into the nettles, already wet with dew, stinging his bands,but rose immediately, laughing at his mishap.

Katusha, with her eyes black as sloes, her face radiant with joy,was flying towards him, and they caught hold of each other'shands. 4 wigram rd glebe

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"Got stung, I daresay?" she said, arranging her hair with herfree hand, breathing fast and looking straight up at him with aglad, pleasant smile.

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"I did not know there was a ditch here," he answered, smilingalso, and keeping her hand in his. She drew nearer to him, and hehimself, not knowing how it happened, stooped towards her. Shedid not move away, and he pressed her hand tight and kissed heron the lips.

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