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When Pere Grandet went to "see something," the notary knew byexperience there was something to be got by going with him; so hewent. wig 40

"Come, Cruchot," said Grandet, "you are one of my friends. I'll showyou what folly it is to plant poplar-trees on good ground.""Do you call the sixty thousand francs that you pocketed for thosethat were in your fields down by the Loire, folly?" said MaitreCruchot, opening his eyes with amazement. "What luck you have had! Tocut down your trees at the very time they ran short of white-wood atNantes, and to sell them at thirty francs!" wig 4/27

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Eugenie listened, without knowing that she approached the most solemnmoment of her whole life, and that the notary was about to bring downupon her head a paternal and supreme sentence. Grandet had now reachedthe magnificent fields which he owned on the banks of the Loire, wherethirty workmen were employed in clearing away, filling up, andlevelling the spots formerly occupied by the poplars.

"Maitre Cruchot, see how much ground this tree once took up! Jean," hecried to a laborer, "m-m-measure with your r-r-rule, b-both ways.""Four times eight feet," said the man. 4 wiggins clamp

"Thirty-two feet lost," said Grandet to Cruchot. "I had three hundredpoplars in this one line, isn't that so? Well, then, three h-h-hundredtimes thir-thirty-two lost m-m-me five hundred in h-h-hay; add twiceas much for the side rows,,fifteen hundred; the middle rows as muchmore. So we may c-c-call it a th-thousand b-b-bales of h-h-hay,""Very good," said Cruchot, to help out his friend; "a thousand balesare worth about six hundred francs." 3 wiggins place concord

"Say t-t-twelve hundred, be-c-cause there's three or four hundredfrancs on the second crop. Well, then, c-c-calculate that t-twelvethousand francs a year for f-f-forty years with interest c-c-comesto,"

"Say sixty thousand francs," said the notary.

"I am willing; c-c-comes t-t-to sixty th-th-thousand. Very good,"continued Grandet, without stuttering: "two thousand poplars fortyyears old will only yield me fifty thousand francs. There's a loss. Ihave found that myself," said Grandet, getting on his high horse."Jean, fill up all the holes except those at the bank of the river;there you are to plant the poplars I have bought. Plant 'em there, andthey'll get nourishment from the government," he said, turning toCruchot, and giving a slight motion to the wen on his nose, whichexpressed more than the most ironical of smiles.

"True enough; poplars should only be planted on poor soil," saidCruchot, amazed at Grandet's calculations.

"Y-y-yes, monsieur," answered the old man satirically.

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