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The relations between Nekhludoff and Katusha had been thefollowing:

Nekhludoff first saw Katusha when he was a student in his thirdyear at the University, and was preparing an essay on land tenureduring the summer vacation, which he passed with his aunts. Untilthen he had always lived, in summer, with his mother and sisteron his mother's large estate near Moscow. But that year hissister had married, and his mother had gone abroad to awatering-place, and he, having his essay to write, resolved tospend the summer with his aunts. It was very quiet in theirsecluded estate and there was nothing to distract his mind; hisaunts loved their nephew and heir very tenderly, and he, too, wasfond of them and of their simple, old-fashioned life.

During that summer on his aunts' estate, Nekhludoff passedthrough that blissful state of existence when a young man for thefirst time, without guidance from any one outside, realises allthe beauty and significance of life, and the importance of thetask allotted in it to man; when he grasps the possibility ofunlimited advance towards perfection for one's self and for allthe world, and gives himself to this task, not only hopefully,but with full conviction of attaining to the perfection heimagines. In that year, while still at the University, he hadread Spencer's Social Statics, and Spencer's views on landholdingespecially impressed him, as he himself was heir to largeestates. His father had not been rich, but his mother hadreceived 10,000 acres of land for her dowry. At that time hefully realised all the cruelty and injustice of private propertyin land, and being one of those to whom a sacrifice to thedemands of conscience gives the highest spiritual enjoyment, hedecided not to retain property rights, but to give up to thepeasant labourers the land he had inherited from his father. Itwas on this land question he wrote his essay. 3 wiggly lines on nokia lumia

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He arranged his life on his aunts' estate in the followingmanner. He got up very early, sometimes at three o'clock, andbefore sunrise went through the morning mists to bathe in theriver, under the hill. He returned while the dew still lay on thegrass and the flowers. Sometimes, having finished his coffee, hesat down with his books of reference and his papers to write hisessay, but very often, instead of reading or writing, he lefthome again, and wandered through the fields and the woods. Beforedinner he lay down and slept somewhere in the garden. At dinnerhe amused and entertained his aunts with his bright spirits, thenhe rode on horseback or went for a row on the river, and in theevening he again worked at his essay, or sat reading or playingpatience with his aunts. 3 wiggly lines on nokia lumia

His joy in life was so great that it agitated him, and kept himawake many a night, especially when it was moonlight, so thatinstead of sleeping he wandered about in the garden till dawn,alone with his dreams and fancies. wig 4 disciplines of execution

And so, peacefully and happily, he lived through the first monthof his stay with his aunts, taking no particular notice of theirhalf-ward, half-servant, the black-eyed, quick-footed Katusha.Then, at the age of nineteen, Nekhludoff, brought up under hismother's wing, was still quite pure. If a woman figured in hisdreams at all it was only as a wife. All the other women, who,according to his ideas he could not marry, were not women forhim, but human beings. wig 4dx

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