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One of the members, a high-shouldered, discontented-looking man,with gold spectacles, came into the room. "Matthew Nikitich hasagain not come," he said, in a dissatisfied tone. wig 4dx

"Not yet?" said the president, putting on his uniform. "He isalways late."

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"It is extraordinary. He ought to be ashamed of himself," saidthe member, angrily, and taking out a cigarette. 3 wiggins place concord

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This member, a very precise man, had had an unpleasant encounterwith his wife in the morning, because she had spent her allowancebefore the end of the month, and had asked him to give her somemoney in advance, but he would not give way to her, and they hada quarrel. The wife told him that if he were going to behave so,he need not expect any dinner; there would be no dinner for himat home. At this point he left, fearing that she might carry outher threat, for anything might be expected from her. "This comesof living a good, moral life," he thought, looking at thebeaming, healthy, cheerful, and kindly president, who, withelbows far apart, was smoothing his thick grey whiskers with hisfine white hands over the embroidered collar of his uniform. "Heis always contented and merry while I am suffering."

The secretary came in and brought some document.

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