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"One, two, three," and the artist clapped his hands. Katusha,hardly restraining her laughter, changed places with Nekhludoff,behind the artist's back, and pressing his large hand with herlittle rough one, and rustling with her starched petticoat, ranto the left. Nekhludoff ran fast to the right, trying to escapefrom the artist, but when he looked round he saw the artistrunning after Katusha, who kept well ahead, her firm young legsmoving rapidly. There was a lilac bush in front of them, andKatusha made a sign with her head to Nekhludoff to join herbehind it, for if they once clasped hands again they were safefrom their pursuer, that being a rule of the game. He understoodthe sign, and ran behind the bush, but he did not know that therewas a small ditch overgrown with nettles there. He stumbled andfell into the nettles, already wet with dew, stinging his bands,but rose immediately, laughing at his mishap. wig 300

Katusha, with her eyes black as sloes, her face radiant with joy,was flying towards him, and they caught hold of each other'shands.

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"Got stung, I daresay?" she said, arranging her hair with herfree hand, breathing fast and looking straight up at him with aglad, pleasant smile. 3 wiggle llc

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"I did not know there was a ditch here," he answered, smilingalso, and keeping her hand in his. She drew nearer to him, and hehimself, not knowing how it happened, stooped towards her. Shedid not move away, and he pressed her hand tight and kissed heron the lips.

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"There! You've done it!" she said; and, freeing her hand with aswift movement, ran away from him. Then, breaking two branches ofwhite lilac from which the blossoms were already falling, shebegan fanning her hot face with them; then, with her head turnedback to him, she walked away, swaying her arms briskly in frontof her, and joined the other players.

After this there grew up between Nekhludoff and Katusha thosepeculiar relations which often exist between a pure young man andgirl who are attracted to each other.

When Katusha came into the room, or even when he saw her whiteapron from afar, everything brightened up in Nekhludoff's eyes,as when the sun appears everything becomes more interesting, morejoyful, more important. The whole of life seemed full ofgladness. And she felt the same. But it was not only Katusha'spresence that had this effect on Nekhludoff. The mere thoughtthat Katusha existed (and for her that Nekhludoff existed) hadthis effect.

When he received an unpleasant letter from his mother, or couldnot get on with his essay, or felt the unreasoning sadness thatyoung people are often subject to, he had only to rememberKatusha and that he should see her, and it all vanished. Katushahad much work to do in the house, but she managed to get a littleleisure for reading, and Nekhludoff gave her Dostoievsky andTourgeneff (whom he had just read himself) to read. She likedTourgeneff's Lull best. They had talks at moments snatched whenmeeting in the passage, on the veranda, or the yard, andsometimes in the room of his aunts' old servant, MatronaPavlovna, with whom he sometimes used to drink tea, and whereKatusha used to work.

These talks in Matrona Pavlovna's presence were the pleasantest.When they were alone it was worse. Their eyes at once began tosay something very different and far more important than whattheir mouths uttered. Their lips puckered, and they felt a kindof dread of something that made them part quickly. Theserelations continued between Nekhludoff and Katusha during thewhole time of his first visit to his aunts'. They noticed it, andbecame frightened, and even wrote to Princess Elena Ivanovna,Nekhludoff's mother. His aunt, Mary Ivanovna, was afraid Dmitriwould form an intimacy with Katusha; but her fears weregroundless, for Nekhludoff, himself hardly conscious of it, lovedKatusha, loved her as the pure love, and therein lay hissafety,his and hers. He not only did not feel any desire topossess her, but the very thought of it filled him with horror.The fears of the more poetical Sophia Ivanovna, that Dmitri, withhis thoroughgoing, resolute character, having fallen in love witha girl, might make up his mind to marry her, without consideringeither her birth or her station, had more ground.

Had Nekhludoff at that time been conscious of his love forKatusha, and especially if he had been told that he could on noaccount join his life with that of a girl in her position, itmight have easily happened that, with his usual straight-forwardness, he would have come to the conclusion that therecould be no possible reason for him not to marry any girlwhatever, as long as he loved her. But his aunts did notmention their fears to him; and, when he left, he was stillunconscious of his love for Katusha. He was sure that what hefelt for Katusha was only one of the manifestations of the joy oflife that filled his whole being, and that this sweet, merrylittle girl shared this joy with him. Yet, when he was goingaway, and Katusha stood with his aunts in the porch, and lookedafter him, her dark, slightly-squinting eyes filled with tears,he felt, after all, that he was leaving something beautiful,precious, something which would never reoccur. And he grew verysad.

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