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"Why, your wife is very ill, my friend. You ought to consult MonsieurBergerin; she is likely to die. If she does die without receivingproper care, you will not be very easy in mind, I take it.""Ta, ta, ta, ta! you know a deal about my wife! These doctors, if theyonce get their foot in your house, will come five and six times aday." wig 3/4

"Of course you will do as you think best. We are old friends; there isno one in all Saumur who takes more interest than I in what concernsyou. Therefore, I was bound to tell you this. However, happen whatmay, you have the right to do as you please; you can choose your owncourse. Besides, that is not what brings me here. There is anotherthing which may have serious results for you. After all, you can'twish to kill your wife; her life is too important to you. Think ofyour situation in connection with your daughter if Madame Grandetdies. You must render an account to Eugenie, because you enjoy yourwife's estate only during her lifetime. At her death your daughter canclaim a division of property, and she may force you to sell Froidfond.In short, she is her mother's heir, and you are not."

These words fell like a thunderbolt on the old man, who was not aswise about law as he was about business. He had never thought of alegal division of the estate.

"Therefore I advise you to treat her kindly," added Cruchot, inconclusion.

"But do you know what she has done, Cruchot?"

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"What?" asked the notary, curious to hear the truth and find out thecause of the quarrel. 2 wigan street gore

"She has given away her gold!"

"Well, wasn't it hers?" said the notary.

"They all tell me that!" exclaimed the old man, letting his arms fallto his sides with a movement that was truly tragic.

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