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"/He/ is weeping still."

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"Go to bed, my daughter; you will take cold in your feet: the floor isdamp."


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Thus passed the solemn day which was destined to weight upon the wholelife of the rich and poor heiress, whose sleep was never again to beso calm, nor yet so pure, as it had been up to this moment. It oftenhappens that certain actions of human life seem, literally speaking,improbable, though actual. Is not this because we constantly omit toturn the stream of psychological light upon our impulsivedeterminations, and fail to explain the subtile reasons, mysteriouslyconceived in our minds, which impelled them? Perhaps Eugenie's deeppassion should be analyzed in its most delicate fibres; for it became,scoffers might say, a malady which influenced her whole existence.Many people prefer to deny results rather than estimate the force ofties and links and bonds, which secretly join one fact to another inthe moral order. Here, therefore, Eugenie's past life will offer toobservers of human nature an explanation of her naive want ofreflection and the suddenness of the emotions which overflowed hersoul. The more tranquil her life had been, the more vivid was herwomanly pity, the more simple-minded were the sentiments now developedin her soul. wig20 sklad

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Made restless by the events of the day, she woke at intervals tolisten to her cousin, thinking she heard the sighs which still echoedin her heart. Sometimes she saw him dying of his trouble, sometimesshe dreamed that he fainted from hunger. Towards morning she wascertain that she heard a startling cry. She dressed at once and ran,in the dawning light, with a swift foot to her cousin's chamber, thedoor of which he had left open. The candle had burned down to thesocket. Charles, overcome by nature, was sleeping, dressed and sittingin an armchair beside the bed, on which his head rested; he dreamed asmen dream on an empty stomach. Eugenie might weep at her ease; shemight admire the young and handsome face blotted with grief, the eyesswollen with weeping, that seemed, sleeping as they were, to wellforth tears. Charles felt sympathetically the young girl's presence;he opened his eyes and saw her pitying him.

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"Pardon me, my cousin," he said, evidently not knowing the hour northe place in which he found himself.

"There are hearts who hear you, cousin, and /we/ thought you mightneed something. You should go to bed; you tire yourself by sittingthus."

"That is true."

"Well, then, adieu!"

She escaped, ashamed and happy at having gone there. Innocence alonecan dare to be so bold. Once enlightened, virtue makes hercalculations as well as vice. Eugenie, who had not trembled beside hercousin, could scarcely stand upon her legs when she regained herchamber. Her ignorant life had suddenly come to an end; she reasoned,she rebuked herself with many reproaches.

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