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"Yes; the day before yesterday she was sentenced," meeklyanswered Nekhludoff, fearing to spoil the inspector's goodhumour, which seemed to incline in his favour. wig20 futures

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"If you want to go to the women's ward please to step this way,"said the officer, having decided from Nekhludoff's appearancethat he was worthy of attention. "Sideroff, conduct the gentlemanto the women's ward," he said, turning to a moustached corporalwith medals on his breast. wig20 sklad

"Yes, sir."

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At this moment heart-rending sobs were heard coming from some onenear the net.

Everything here seemed strange to Nekhludoff; but strangest ofall was that he should have to thank and feel obligation towardsthe inspector and the chief warders, the very men who wereperforming the cruel deeds that were done in this house.

The corporal showed Nekhludoff through the corridor, out of themen's into the women's interviewing-room.

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