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"Well, so you brought back the money," continued the president,looking at the clock. 2 wigan street gore

"I did."

"Well, and then?"

"Then he took me back with him," said Maslova. wig 20 index

"Well, and how did you give him the powder?, In his drink?"

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"How did I give it? I put them in and gave it him."

Why did you give it him?"

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She did not answer, but sighed deeply and heavily.

"He would not let me go," she said, after a moment's silence,"and I was quite tired out, and so I went out into the passageand said to Simeon, 'If he would only let me go, I am so tired.'And he said, 'We are also sick of him; we were thinking of givinghim a sleeping draught; he will fall asleep, and then you cango.' So I said all right. I thought they were harmless, and hegave me the packet. I went in. He was lying behind the partition,and at once called for brandy. I took a bottle of 'finechampagne' from the table, poured out two glasses, one for himand one for myself, and put the powders into his glass, and gaveit him. Had I known how could I have given them to him?"

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