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The proceedings showed that this boy was apprenticed by hisfather at a tobacco factory, where he remained five years. Thisyear he had been discharged by the owner after a strike, and,having lost his place, he wandered about the town without anywork, drinking all he possessed. In a traktir [cheap restaurant]he met another like himself, who had lost his place before theprisoner had, a locksmith by trade and a drunkard. One night,those two, both drunk, broke the lock of a shed and took thefirst thing they happened to lay hands on. They confessed all andwere put in prison, where the locksmith died while awaiting thetrial. The boy was now being tried as a dangerous creature, fromwhom society must be protected.

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"Just as dangerous a creature as yesterday's culprit," thoughtNekhludoff, listening to all that was going on before him. "Theyare dangerous, and we who judge them? I, a rake, an adulterer, adeceiver. We are not dangerous. But, even supposing that this boyis the most dangerous of all that are here in the court, whatshould he done from a common-sense point of view when he hasbeen caught? It is clear that he is not an exceptional evil-doer,but a most ordinary boy; every one sees it,and that he hasbecome what he is simply because he got into circumstances thatcreate such characters, and, therefore, to prevent such a boyfrom going wrong the circumstances that create these unfortunatebeings must be done away with.

"But what do we do? We seize one such lad who happens to getcaught, knowing well that there are thousands like him whom wehave not caught, and send him to prison, where idleness, or mostunwholesome, useless labour is forced on him, in company ofothers weakened and ensnared by the lives they have led. And thenwe send him, at the public expense, from the Moscow to theIrkoutsk Government, in company with the most depraved of men. 1 wigwam path babylon

"But we do nothing to destroy the conditions in which people likethese are produced; on the contrary, we support theestablishments where they are formed. These establishments arewell known: factories, mills, workshops, public-houses,gin-shops, brothels. And we do not destroy these places, but,looking at them as necessary, we support and regulate them. Weeducate in this way not one, but millions of people, and thencatch one of them and imagine that we have done something, thatwe have guarded ourselves, and nothing more can be expected ofus. Have we not sent him from the Moscow to the IrkoutskGovernment?" Thus thought Nekhludoff with unusual clearness andvividness, sitting in his high-backed chair next to the colonel,and listening to the different intonations of the advocates',prosecutor's, and president's voices, and looking at theirself-confident gestures. "And how much and what hard effort thispretence requires," continued Nekhludoff in his mind, glancinground the enormous room, the portraits, lamps, armchairs,uniforms, the thick walls and large windows; and picturing tohimself the tremendous size of the building, and the still moreponderous dimensions of the whole of this organisation, with itsarmy of officials, scribes, watchmen, messengers, not only inthis place, but all over Russia, who receive wages for carryingon this comedy which no one needs. "Supposing we spentone-hundredth of these efforts helping these castaways, whom wenow only regard as hands and bodies, required by us for our ownpeace and comfort. Had some one chanced to take pity on him andgiven some help at the time when poverty made them send him totown, it might have been sufficient," Nekhludoff thought, lookingat the boy's piteous face. "Or even later, when, after 12 hours'work at the factory, he was going to the public-house, led awayby his companions, had some one then come and said, 'Don't go,Vania; it is not right,' he would not have gone, nor got into badways, and would not have done any wrong. 2 wig color

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