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"D'you know, sirs, we have made a shameful hash of it?" saidPeter Gerasimovitch, approaching Nekhludoff, to whom the foremanwas relating something. "Why, we've got her to Siberia." wig 22 inches

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"What are you saying?" exclaimed Nekhludoff. This time he did notnotice the teacher's familiarity.

"Why, we did not put in our answer 'Guilty, but without intent ofcausing death.' The secretary just told me the public prosecutoris for condemning her to 15 years' penal servitude."

"Well, but it was decided so," said the foreman. wig 20 etf

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Peter Gerasimovitch began to dispute this, saying that since shedid not take the money it followed naturally that she could nothave had any intention of committing murder.

"But I read the answer before going out," said the foreman,defending himself, "and nobody objected."

"I had just then gone out of the room," said Peter Gerasimovitch,turning to Nekhludoff, "and your thoughts must have beenwool-gathering to let the thing pass."

"I never imagined this," Nekhludoff replied.

"Oh, you didn't?"

"Oh, well, we can get it put right," said Nekhludoff.

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