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"It is not at all funny," said the gloomy member, and becamegloomier still. wing 11

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Then at last came the third member of the Court, the same MatthewNikitich, who was always late. He was a bearded man, with large,round, kindly eyes. He was suffering from a catarrh of thestomach, and, according to his doctor's advice, he had beguntrying a new treatment, and this had kept him at home longer thanusual. Now, as he was ascending the platform, he had a pensiveair. He was in the habit of making guesses in answer to all sortsof self-put questions by different curious means. Just now he hadasked whether the new treatment would be beneficial, and haddecided that it would cure his catarrh if the number of stepsfrom the door to his chair would divide by three. He made 26steps, but managed to get in a 27th just by his chair. #1 wiggly cry baby

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The figures of the president and the members in their uniforms,with gold-embroidered collars, looked very imposing. They seemedto feel this themselves, and, as if overpowered by their owngrandeur, hurriedly sat down on the high backed chairs behind thetable with the green cloth, on which were a triangular articlewith an eagle at the top, two glass vases,something like thosein which sweetmeats are kept in refreshment rooms,an inkstand,pens, clean paper, and good, newly-cut pencils of differentkinds.

The public prosecutor came in with the judges. With his portfoliounder one arm, and swinging the other, he hurriedly walked to hisseat near the window, and was instantly absorbed in reading andlooking through the papers, not wasting a single moment, in hopeof being ready when the business commenced. He had been publicprosecutor but a short time, and had only prosecuted four timesbefore this. He was very ambitious, and had firmly made up hismind to get on, and therefore thought it necessary to get aconviction whenever he prosecuted. He knew the chief facts of thepoisoning case, and had already formed a plan of action. He onlywanted to copy out a few points which he required.

The secretary sat on the opposite side of the platform, and,having got ready all the papers he might want, was lookingthrough an article, prohibited by the censor, which he hadprocured and read the day before. He was anxious to have a talkabout this article with the bearded member, who shared his views,but wanted to look through it once more before doing so.



The president, having looked through some papers and put a fewquestions to the usher and the secretary, gave the order for theprisoners to be brought in.

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