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They went out into the bright, merry sunlight, and had to raisetheir voices because of the rattling of the wheels on thepavement. wig types niki

"The situation is a curious one, you see," said the president;"what lay before this Maslova was one of two things: either to bealmost acquitted and only imprisoned for a short time, or, takingthe preliminary confinement into consideration, perhaps not atall,or Siberia. There is nothing between. Had you but added thewords, 'without intent to cause death,' she would have beenacquitted." wig types store

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"Yes, it was inexcusable of me to omit that," said Nekhludoff.

"That's where the whole matter lies," said the president, with asmile, and looked at his watch. He had only three-quarters of anhour left before the time appointed by his Clara would elapse.

"Now, if you like to speak to the advocates you'll have to find areason for an appeal; that can be easily done." Then, turning toan isvostchik, he called out, "To the Dvoryanskaya 30 copecks; Inever give more." "All right, your honour; here you are."

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