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Grandet took his knife to pry out some of the gold; to do this, heplaced the dressing-case on a chair. Eugenie sprang forward to recoverit; but her father, who had his eye on her and on the treasure too,pushed her back so violently with a thrust of his arm that she fellupon her mother's bed.

"Monsieur, monsieur!" cried the mother, lifting herself up.Grandet had opened his knife, and was about to apply it to the gold."Father!" cried Eugenie, falling on her knees and dragging herselfclose to him with clasped hands, "father, in the name of all thesaints and the Virgin! in the name of Christ who died upon the cross!in the name of your eternal salvation, father! for my life's sake,father!,do not touch that! It is neither yours nor mine. It is atrust placed in my hands by an unhappy relation: I must give it backto him uninjured!" wig 20 etf

"If it is a trust, why were you looking at it? To look at it is as badas touching it."

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"Father, don't destroy it, or you will disgrace me! Father, do youhear?" wing 12a

"Oh, have pity!" said the mother. wing 12s price

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"Father!" cried Eugenie in so startling a voice that Nanon ranupstairs terrified. Eugenie sprang upon a knife that was close athand.

"Well, what now?" said Grandet coldly, with a callous smile."Oh, you are killing me!" said the mother.

"Father, if your knife so much as cuts a fragment of that gold, I willstab myself with this one! You have already driven my mother to herdeath; you will now kill your child! Do as you choose! Wound forwound!"

Grandet held his knife over the dressing-case and hesitated as helooked at his daughter.

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