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About four o'clock an abrupt knock at the door struck sharply on theheart of Madame Grandet.

"What can have happened to your father?" she said to her daughter.Grandet entered joyously. After taking off his gloves, he rubbed hishands hard enough to take off their skin as well, if his epidermis hadnot been tanned and cured like Russia leather,,saving, of course, theperfume of larch-trees and incense. Presently his secret escaped him."Wife," he said, without stuttering, "I've trapped them all! Our wineis sold! The Dutch and the Belgians have gone. I walked about themarket-place in front of their inn, pretending to be doing nothing.That Belgian fellow,you know who I mean,came up to me. The owners ofall the good vineyards have kept back their vintages, intending towait; well, I didn't hinder them. The Belgian was in despair; I sawthat. In a minute the bargain was made. He takes my vintage at twohundred francs the puncheon, half down. He paid me in gold; the notesare drawn. Here are six louis for you. In three months wines will havefallen."

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These words, uttered in a quiet tone of voice, were nevertheless sobitterly sarcastic that the inhabitants of Saumur, grouped at thismoment in the market-place and overwhelmed by the news of the saleGrandet had just effected, would have shuddered had they heard them.Their panic would have brought the price of wines down fifty per centat once. wing 12s price

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"Did you have a thousand puncheons this year, father?"

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"Yes, little one."

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