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"'Tisn't the girl's fault. She's got mixed up in it," said thekindly merchant. "We must recommend her to mercy."

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"That's just what we are going to consider," said the foreman."We must not give way to our personal impressions."

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"The president's summing up was good," remarked the colonel. wigan 0-2 man utd

"Good? Why, it nearly sent me to sleep!"

"The chief point is that the servants could have known nothingabout the money if Maslova had not been in accord with them,"said the clerk of Jewish extraction. wig 08601

"Well, do you think that it was she who stole the money?" askedone of the jury.

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"I will never believe it," cried the kindly merchant; "it was allthat red-eyed hag's doing."

"They are a nice lot, all of them," said the colonel.

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