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The old woman was stout, well dressed, and had enormous flowerson her bonnet; she stopped as she came out of the door, andspreading out her short fat arms and turning to her advocate, shekept repeating. "What does it all mean? just fancy!"

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The advocate was looking at the flowers in her bonnet, andevidently not listening to her, but considering some question orother.

Next to the old woman, out of the door of the Civil Court, hisbroad, starched shirt front glistening from under his low-cutwaistcoat, with a self-satisfied look on his face, came thecelebrated advocate who had managed to arrange matters so thatthe old woman lost all she had, and the person versed in the lawreceived more than 100,000 roubles. The advocate passed close tothe old woman, and, feeling all eyes directed towards him, hiswhole bearing seemed to say: "No expressions of deference arerequired." wig types outre penny


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At last Matthew Nikitich also arrived, and the usher, a thin man,with a long neck and a kind of sideways walk, his nether lipprotruding to one side, which made him resemble a turkey, cameinto the jurymen's room.

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This usher was an honest man, and had a university education, butcould not keep a place for any length of time, as he was subjectto fits of drunkenness. Three months before a certain countess,who patronised his wife, had found him this place, and he wasvery pleased to have kept it so long.

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