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"Let us think about him, mother, but not speak of him. You are ill,you, before all." wig 08601


"All" meant "him."

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"My child," said Madame Grandet, "I do not wish to live. God protectsme and enables me to look with joy to the end of my misery."Every utterance of this woman was unfalteringly pious and Christian.Sometimes, during the first months of the year, when her husband cameto breakfast with her and tramped up and down the room, she would sayto him a few religious words, always spoken with angelic sweetness,yet with the firmness of a woman to whom approaching death lends acourage she had lacked in life. wigan 0-2 man utd

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"Monsieur, I thank you for the interest you take in my health," shewould answer when he made some commonplace inquiry; "but if you reallydesire to render my last moments less bitter and to ease my grief,take back your daughter: be a Christian, a husband, and a father."When he heard these words, Grandet would sit down by the bed with theair of a man who sees the rain coming and quietly gets under theshelter of a gateway till it is over. When these touching, tender, andreligious supplications had all been made, he would say,,"You are rather pale to-day, my poor wife."

Absolute forgetfulness of his daughter seemed graven on his stonybrow, on his closed lips. He was unmoved by the tears which floweddown the white cheeks of his unhappy wife as she listened to hismeaningless answers.

"May God pardon you," she said, "even as I pardon you! You will someday stand in need of mercy."

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