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"But it is very likely that her coming put the idea into theservants' heads and that they grasped the opportunity and shovedall the blame on her." Peter Gerasimovitch spoke so irritablythat the foreman became irritated too, and went on obstinatelydefending the opposite views; but Peter Gerasimovitch spoke soconvincingly that the majority agreed with him, and decided thatMaslova was not guilty of stealing the money and that the ringwas given her.

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But when the question of her having taken part in the poisoningwas raised, her zealous defender, the merchant, declared that shemust be acquitted, because she could have no reason for thepoisoning. The foreman, however, said that it was impossible toacquit her, because she herself had pleaded guilty to havinggiven the powder.

"Yes, but thinking it was opium," said the merchant. wigand z marburga

"Opium can also deprive one of life," said the colonel, who wasfond of wandering from the subject, and he began telling how hisbrother-in-law's wife would have died of an overdose of opium ifthere had not been a doctor near at hand to take the necessarymeasures. The colonel told his story so impressively, with suchself-possession and dignity, that no one had the courage tointerrupt him. Only the clerk, infected by his example, decidedto break in with a story of his own: "There are some who get soused to it that they can take 40 drops. I have a relative,," butthe colonel would not stand the interruption, and went on torelate what effects the opium had on his brother-in-law's wife. wig-00081

"But, gentlemen, do you know it is getting on towards fiveo'clock?" said one of the jury. wig-09715

"Well, gentlemen, what are we to say, then?" inquired theforeman. "Shall we say she is guilty, but without intent to rob?And without stealing any property? Will that do?" PeterGerasimovitch, pleased with his victory, agreed.

"But she must be recommended to mercy," said the merchant.

All agreed; only the old artelshik insisted that they should say"Not guilty."

"It comes to the same thing," explained the foreman; "withoutintent to rob, and without stealing any property. Therefore, 'Notguilty,' that's evident."

"All right; that'll do. And we recommend her to mercy," said themerchant, gaily.

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