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"Stay, monsieur le president," said Eugenie to Monsieur de Bonfons asshe saw him take his cane.

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There was not a person in that numerous assembly who was unmoved bythese words. The president turned pale, and was forced to sit down."The president gets the millions," said Mademoiselle de Gribeaucourt."It is plain enough; the president marries Mademoiselle Grandet,"cried Madame d'Orsonval.

"All the trumps in one hand," said the abbe. wigan 0-4 man utd

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"A love game," said the notary. wig 01

Each and all said his say, made his pun, and looked at the heiressmounted on her millions as on a pedestal. The drama begun nine yearsbefore had reached its conclusion. To tell the president, in face ofall Saumur, to "stay," was surely the same thing as proclaiming himher husband. In provincial towns social conventionalities are sorigidly enforced than an infraction like this constituted a solemnpromise.

"Monsieur le president," said Eugenie in a voice of some emotion whenthey were left alone, "I know what pleases you in me. Swear to leaveme free during my whole life, to claim none of the rights whichmarriage will give you over me, and my hand is yours. Oh!" she added,seeing him about to kneel at her feet, "I have more to say. I must notdeceive you. In my heart I cherish one inextinguishable feeling.Friendship is the only sentiment which I can give to a husband. I wishneither to affront him nor to violate the laws of my own heart. Butyou can possess my hand and my fortune only at the cost of doing me aninestimable service."

"I am ready for all things," said the president.

"Here are fifteen hundred thousand francs," she said, drawing from herbosom a certificate of a hundred shares in the Bank of France. "Go toParis,,not to-morrow, but instantly. Find Monsieur des Grassins,learn the names of my uncle's creditors, call them together, pay themin full all that was owing, with interest at five per cent from theday the debt was incurred to the present time. Be careful to obtain afull and legal receipt, in proper form, before a notary. You are amagistrate, and I can trust this matter in your hands. You are a manof honor; I will put faith in your word, and meet the dangers of lifeunder shelter of your name. Let us have mutual indulgence. We haveknown each other so long that we are almost related; you would notwish to render me unhappy."

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