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"Euphemia Botchkova, you are accused of having, on the 17th ofJanuary, 188-, in the lodging-house Mauritania, together withSimeon Kartinkin and Katerina Maslova, stolen some money and aring out of the merchant Smelkoff's portmanteau, and havingshared the money among yourselves, given poison to the merchantSmelkoff, thereby causing his death. Do you plead guilty?"


"I am not guilty of anything," boldly and firmly replied theprisoner. "I never went near the room, but when this baggage wentin she did the whole business."

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"You will say all this afterwards," the president again said,quietly and firmly. "So you do not plead guilty?"


"I did not take the money nor give the drink, nor go into theroom. Had I gone in I should have kicked her out." wing zone menu

"So you do not plead guilty?"


"Very well."

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