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"Madame Grandet, go back to your loto; leave me to speak withmonsieur."

Then he pulled the door quickly to, and the excited players returnedto their seats, but did not continue the game.

"Is it any one belonging to Saumur, Monsieur des Grassins?" asked hiswife. wing zings

"No, it is a traveller."

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"He must have come from Paris."

"Just so," said the notary, pulling out his watch, which was twoinches thick and looked like a Dutch man-of-war; "it's nine o'clock;the diligence of the Grand Bureau is never late." wing zero

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"Is the gentleman young?" inquired the Abbe Cruchot.

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"Yes," answered Monsieur des Grassins, "and he has brought luggagewhich must weigh nearly three tons."

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