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When the word was given to him, he got up slowly, showing thewhole of his graceful figure in his embroidered uniform. Puttinghis hand on the desk he looked round the room, slightly bowinghis head, and, avoiding the eyes of the prisoners, began to readthe speech he had prepared while the reports were being read. wiggle z

"Gentlemen of the jury! The business that now lies before you is,if I may so express myself, very characteristic." wing zone menu

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The speech of a public prosecutor, according to his views, shouldalways have a social importance, like the celebrated speechesmade by the advocates who have become distinguished. True, theaudience consisted of three women,a semptress, a cook, andSimeon's sister,and a coachman; but this did not matter. Thecelebrities had begun in the same way. To be always at the heightof his position, i.e., to penetrate into the depths of thepsychological significance of crime and to discover the wounds ofsociety, was one of the prosecutor's principles. wing zone menu

"You see before you, gentlemen of the jury, a crimecharacteristic, if I may so express myself, of the end of ourcentury; bearing, so to say, the specific features of that verypainful phenomenon, the corruption to which those elements of ourpresent-day society, which are, so to say, particularly exposedto the burning rays of this process, are subject."

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