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Nekhludoff followed the direction.

Meanwhile some of the Criminal Court jurymen who were late hadhurriedly passed into a separate room. At the door mentioned twomen stood waiting. wing zone coupons

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One, a tall, fat merchant, a kind-hearted fellow, had evidentlypartaken of some refreshments and a glass of something, and wasin most pleasant spirits. The other was a shopman of Jewishextraction. They were talking about the price of wool whenNekhludoff came up and asked them if this was the jurymen's room. wigand z marburga

"Yes, my dear sir, this is it. One of us? On the jury, are you?"asked the merchant, with a merry wink.

"Ah, well, we shall have a go at the work together," hecontinued, after Nekhludoff had answered in the affirmative. "Myname is Baklasheff, merchant of the Second Guild," he said,putting out his broad, soft, flexible hand. dragon ball z wig

"With whom have I the honour?"

Nekhludoff gave his name and passed into the jurymen's room.

Inside the room were about ten persons of all sorts. They hadcome but a short while ago, and some were sitting, others walkingup and down, looking at each other, and making each other'sacquaintance. There was a retired colonel in uniform; some werein frock coats, others in morning coats, and only one wore apeasant's dress.

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