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"Here it comes!" said the old man as he threw the letter into thefire. "Patience, my good friends!"

In answer to the proposals contained in the letter, Grandet of Saumurdemanded that all vouchers for claims against the estate of hisbrother should be deposited with a notary, together with aquittancesfor the forty-seven per cent already paid; he made this demand underpretence of sifting the accounts and finding out the exact conditionof the estate. It roused at once a variety of difficulties. Generallyspeaking, the creditor is a species of maniac, ready to agree toanything one day, on the next breathing fire and slaughter; later on,he grows amicable and easy-going. To-day his wife is good-humored, hislast baby has cut its first tooth, all is well at home, and he isdetermined not to lose a sou; on the morrow it rains, he can't go out,he is gloomy, he says yes to any proposal that is made to him, so longas it will put an end to the affair; on the third day he declares hemust have guarantees; by the end of the month he wants his debtor'shead, and becomes at heart an executioner. The creditor is a good deallike the sparrow on whose tail confiding children are invited to putsalt,,with this difference, that he applies the image to his claim,the proceeds of which he is never able to lay hold of. Grandet hadstudied the atmospheric variations of creditors, and the creditors ofhis brother justified all his calculations. Some were angry, andflatly refused to give in their vouchers.

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"Very good; so much the better," said Grandet, rubbing his hands overthe letter in which des Grassins announced the fact. wiggle y only

Others agreed to the demand, but only on condition that their rightsshould be fully guaranteed; they renounced none, and even reserved thepower of ultimately compelling a failure. On this began a longcorrespondence, which ended in Grandet of Saumur agreeing to allconditions. By means of this concession the placable creditors wereable to bring the dissatisfied creditors to reason. The deposit wasthen made, but not without sundry complaints.

"Your goodman," they said to des Grassins, "is tricking us."Twenty-three months after the death of Guillaume Grandet many of thecreditors, carried away by more pressing business in the markets ofParis, had forgotten their Grandet claims, or only thought of them tosay: wigens z 250

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"I begin to believe that forty-seven per cent is all I shall ever getout of that affair."

The old cooper had calculated on the power of time, which, as he usedto say, is a pretty good devil after all. By the end of the third yeardes Grassins wrote to Grandet that he had brought the creditors toagree to give up their claims for ten per cent on the two million fourhundred thousand francs still due by the house of Grandet. Grandetanswered that the notary and the broker whose shameful failures hadcaused the death of his brother were still living, that they might nowhave recovered their credit, and that they ought to be sued, so as toget something out of them towards lessening the total of the deficit.By the end of the fourth year the liabilities were definitelyestimated at a sum of twelve hundred thousand francs. Manynegotiations, lasting over six months, took place between thecreditors and the liquidators, and between the liquidators andGrandet. To make a long story short, Grandet of Saumur, anxious bythis time to get out of the affair, told the liquidators, about theninth month of the fourth year, that his nephew had made a fortune inthe Indies and was disposed to pay his father's debts in full; hetherefore could not take upon himself to make any settlement withoutpreviously consulting him; he had written to him, and was expecting ananswer. The creditors were held in check until the middle of the fifthyear by the words, "payment in full," which the wily old miser threwout from time to time as he laughed in his beard, saying with a smileand an oath, "Those Parisians!"

But the creditors were reserved for a fate unexampled in the annals ofcommerce. When the events of this history bring them once more intonotice, they will be found still in the position Grandet had resolvedto force them into from the first.

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