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"Ho, ho, ho!" laughed Nanon. "What's that,,the marines of the guard?Is it salt? Does it go in the water?"

"Here, get me my dressing-gown out of that valise; there's the key."Nanon was wonder-struck by the sight of a dressing-gown made of greensilk, brocaded with gold flowers of an antique design.

"Are you going to put that on to go to bed with?" she asked."Yes." wing zone on culebra

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"Holy Virgin! what a beautiful altar-cloth it would make for theparish church! My dear darling monsieur, give it to the church, andyou'll save your soul; if you don't, you'll lose it. Oh, how nice youlook in it! I must call mademoiselle to see you."

"Come, Nanon, if Nanon you are, hold your tongue; let me go to bed.I'll arrange my things to-morrow. If my dressing-gown pleases you somuch, you shall save your soul. I'm too good a Christian not to giveit to you when I go away, and you can do what you like with it."Nanon stood rooted to the ground, gazing at Charles and unable to putfaith into his words. y wiggle scooter

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"Good night, Nanon."

"What in the world have I come here for?" thought Charles as he wentto sleep. "My father is not a fool; my journey must have some object.Pshaw! put off serious thought till the morrow, as some Greek idiotsaid."

"Blessed Virgin! how charming he is, my cousin!" Eugenie was saying,interrupting her prayers, which that night at least were neverfinished.

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