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Maslova got the money, which she had also hidden in a roll, andpassed the coupon to Korableva. Korableva accepted it, though shecould not read, trusting to Khoroshavka, who knew everything, andwho said that the slip of paper was worth 2 roubles 50 copecks,then climbed up to the ventilator, where she had hidden a smallflask of vodka. Seeing this, the women whose places were furtheroff went away. Meanwhile Maslova shook the dust out of her cloakand kerchief, got up on the bedstead, and began eating a roll.

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"I kept your tea for you," said Theodosia, getting down from theshelf a mug and a tin teapot wrapped in a rag, "but I'm afraid itis quite cold." The liquid was quite cold and tasted more of tinthan of tea, yet Maslova filled the mug and began drinking itwith her roll. "Finashka, here you are," she said, breaking off abit of the roll and giving it to the boy, who stood looking ather mouth. wing zings

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Meanwhile Korableva handed the flask of vodka and a mug toMaslova, who offered some to her and to Khoroshavka. Theseprisoners were considered the aristocracy of the cell becausethey had some money, and shared what they possessed with theothers.

In a few moments Maslova brightened up and related merrily whathad happened at the court, and what had struck her most, i.e.,how all the men had followed her wherever she went. In the courtthey all looked at her, she said, and kept coming into theprisoners' room while she was there.

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"One of the soldiers even says, 'It's all to look at you thatthey come.' One would come in, 'Where is such a paper?' orsomething, but I see it is not the paper he wants; he justdevours me with his eyes," she said, shaking her head. "Regularartists."

"Yes, that's so," said the watchman's wife, and ran on in hermusical strain, "they're like flies after sugar." wiggle z

"And here, too," Maslova interrupted her, "the same thing. Theycan do without anything else. But the likes of them will gowithout bread sooner than miss that! Hardly had they brought meback when in comes a gang from the railway. They pestered me so,I did not know how to rid myself of them. Thanks to theassistant, he turned them off. One bothered so, I hardly gotaway."

"What's he like?" asked Khoroshevka.

"Dark, with moustaches."

"It must be him."

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