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"He could drink, and no mistake," again whispered the merchant,who had just waked up. wig you can put ponytail

The reading of this report had taken a full hour, but it had notsatisfied the public prosecutor, for, when it had been readthrough and the president turned to him, saying, "I suppose it issuperfluous to read the report of the examination of the internalorgans?" he answered in a severe tone, without looking at thepresident, "I shall ask to have it read."

He raised himself a little, and showed by his manner that he hada right to have this report read, and would claim this right, andthat if that were not granted it would serve as a cause ofappeal. wig yourself

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The member of the Court with the big beard, who suffered fromcatarrh of the stomach, feeling quite done up, turned to thepresident: wig yourself

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"What is the use of reading all this? It is only dragging it out.These new brooms do not sweep clean; they only take a long whiledoing it."

The member with the gold spectacles said nothing, but only lookedgloomily in front of him, expecting nothing good, either from hiswife or life in general. The reading of the report commenced.

"In the year 188-, on February 15th, I, the undersigned,commissioned by the medical department, made an examination, No.638," the secretary began again with firmness and raising thepitch of his voice as if to dispel the sleepiness that hadovertaken all present, "in the presence of the assistant medicalinspector, of the internal organs:

"1. The right lung and the heart (contained in a 6-lb. glassjar).

"2. The contents of the stomach (in a 6-lb. glass jar).

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