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"He must have been very weary to have ceased writing to her," thoughtEugenie, as she gazed at the letter which stopped abruptly in themiddle of the last sentence.

Already she defended him. How was it possible that an innocent girlshould perceive the cold-heartedness evinced by this letter? To younggirls religiously brought up, whose minds are ignorant and pure, allis love from the moment they set their feet within the enchantedregions of that passion. They walk there bathed in a celestial lightshed from their own souls, which reflects its rays upon their lover;they color all with the flame of their own emotion and attribute tohim their highest thoughts. A woman's errors come almost always fromher belief in good or her confidence in truth. In Eugenie's simpleheart the words, "My dear Annette, my loved one," echoed like thesweetest language of love; they caressed her soul as, in childhood,the divine notes of the /Venite adoremus/, repeated by the organ,caressed her ear. Moreover, the tears which still lingered on theyoung man's lashes gave signs of that nobility of heart by which younggirls are rightly won. How could she know that Charles, though heloved his father and mourned him truly, was moved far more by paternalgoodness than by the goodness of his own heart? Monsieur and MadameGuillaume Grandet, by gratifying every fancy of their son, andlavishing upon him the pleasures of a large fortune, had kept him frommaking the horrible calculations of which so many sons in Paris becomemore or less guilty when, face to face with the enjoyments of theworld, they form desires and conceive schemes which they see withbitterness must be put off or laid aside during the lifetime of theirparents. The liberality of the father in this instance had shed intothe heart of the son a real love, in which there was no afterthoughtof self-interest. wig you up

Nevertheless, Charles was a true child of Paris, taught by the customsof society and by Annette herself to calculate everything; already anold man under the mask of youth. He had gone through the frightfuleducation of social life, of that world where in one evening morecrimes are committed in thought and speech than justice ever punishesat the assizes; where jests and clever sayings assassinate the noblestideas; where no one is counted strong unless his mind sees clear: andto see clear in that world is to believe in nothing, neither infeelings, nor in men, nor even in events,,for events are falsified.There, to "see clear" we must weigh a friend's purse daily, learn howto keep ourselves adroitly on the top of the wave, cautiously admirenothing, neither works of art nor glorious actions, and remember thatself-interest is the mainspring of all things here below. Aftercommitting many follies, the great lady,the beautiful Annette,compelled Charles to think seriously; with her perfumed hand among hiscurls, she talked to him of his future position; as she rearranged hislocks, she taught him lessons of worldly prudence; she made himeffeminate and materialized him,,a double corruption, but a delicateand elegant corruption, in the best taste.

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