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Endowed with the delicate perception which a solitary soul acquiresthrough constant meditation, through the exquisite clear-sightednesswith which a mind aloof from life fastens on all that falls within itssphere, Eugenie, taught by suffering and by her later education todivine thought, knew well that the president desired her death that hemight step into possession of their immense fortune, augmented by theproperty of his uncle the notary and his uncle the abbe, whom it hadlately pleased God to call to himself. The poor solitary pitied thepresident. Providence avenged her for the calculations and theindifference of a husband who respected the hopeless passion on whichshe spent her life because it was his surest safeguard. To give lifeto a child would give death to his hopes,,the hopes of selfishness,the joys of ambition, which the president cherished as he looked intothe future.

God thus flung piles of gold upon this prisoner to whom gold was amatter of indifference, who longed for heaven, who lived, pious andgood, in holy thoughts, succoring the unfortunate in secret, and neverwearying of such deeds. Madame de Bonfons became a widow at thirty-six. She is still beautiful, but with the beauty of a woman who isnearly forty years of age. Her face is white and placid and calm; hervoice gentle and self-possessed; her manners are simple. She has thenoblest qualities of sorrow, the saintliness of one who has neversoiled her soul by contact with the world; but she has also the rigidbearing of an old maid and the petty habits inseparable from thenarrow round of provincial life. In spite of her vast wealth, shelives as the poor Eugenie Grandet once lived. The fire is neverlighted on her hearth until the day when her father allowed it to belighted in the hall, and it is put out in conformity with the ruleswhich governed her youthful years. She dresses as her mother dressed.The house in Saumur, without sun, without warmth, always in shadow,melancholy, is an image of her life. She carefully accumulates herincome, and might seem parsimonious did she not disarm criticism by anoble employment of her wealth. Pious and charitable institutions, ahospital for old age, Christian schools for children, a public libraryrichly endowed, bear testimony against the charge of avarice whichsome persons lay at her door. The churches of Saumur owe much of theirembellishment to her. Madame de Bonfons (sometimes ironically spokenof as mademoiselle) inspires for the most part reverential respect:and yet that noble heart, beating only with tenderest emotions, hasbeen, from first to last, subjected to the calculations of humanselfishness; money has cast its frigid influence upon that hallowedlife and taught distrust of feelings to a woman who is all feeling."I have none but you to love me," she says to Nanon. wig you out

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The hand of this woman stanches the secret wounds in many families.She goes on her way to heaven attended by a train of benefactions. Thegrandeur of her soul redeems the narrowness of her education and thepetty habits of her early life. wig you can part anywhere

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Such is the history of Eugenie Grandet, who is in the world but not ofit; who, created to be supremely a wife and mother, has neitherhusband nor children nor family. Lately there has been some questionof her marrying again. The Saumur people talk of her and of theMarquis de Froidfond, whose family are beginning to beset the richwidow just as, in former days, the Cruchots laid siege to the richheiress. Nanon and Cornoiller are, it is said, in the interests of themarquis. Nothing could be more false. Neither la Grande Nanon norCornoiller has sufficient mind to understand the corruptions of theworld.


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