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On the morrow of this death Eugenie felt a new motive for attachmentto the house in which she was born, where she had suffered so much,where her mother had just died. She could not see the window and thechair on its castors without weeping. She thought she had mistaken theheart of her old father when she found herself the object of histenderest cares. He came in the morning and gave her his arm to takeher to breakfast; he looked at her for hours together with an eye thatwas almost kind; he brooded over her as though she had been gold. Theold man was so unlike himself, he trembled so often before hisdaughter, that Nanon and the Cruchotines, who witnessed his weakness,attributed it to his great age, and feared that his faculties weregiving away. But the day on which the family put on their mourning,and after dinner, to which meal Maitre Cruchot (the only person whoknew his secret) had been invited, the conduct of the old miser wasexplained. y wiggly

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"My dear child," he said to Eugenie when the table had been clearedand the doors carefully shut, "you are now your mother's heiress, andwe have a few little matters to settle between us. Isn't that so,Cruchot?" y wiggly

"Yes." wig you can part anywhere

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