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"I'm sorry for her," said Maslova.

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"Of course one is sorry," said Korableva, "but she shouldn't comebothering." Resurrection

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The next morning Nekhludoff awoke, conscious that something hadhappened to him, and even before he had remembered what it was heknew it to be something important and good.

"Katusha,the trial!" Yes, he must stop lying and tell the wholetruth.

By a strange coincidence on that very morning he received thelong-expected letter from Mary Vasilievna, the wife of theMarechal de Noblesse, the very letter he particularly needed.She gave him full freedom, and wished him happiness in hisintended marriage.

"Marriage!" he repeated with irony. "How far I am from all thatat present."

And he remembered the plans he had formed the day before, to tellthe husband everything, to make a clean breast of it, and expresshis readiness to give him any kind of satisfaction. But thismorning this did not seem so easy as the day before. And, then,also, why make a man unhappy by telling him what he does notknow? Yes, if he came and asked, he would tell him all, but to gopurposely and tell,no! that was unnecessary.

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