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Eugenie shuddered as she heard her father's comment on the most sacredof all griefs. From that moment she began to judge him. Charles'ssobs, though muffled, still sounded through the sepulchral house; andhis deep groans, which seemed to come from the earth beneath, onlyceased towards evening, after growing gradually feebler.

"Poor young man!" said Madame Grandet. wig youtube

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Fatal exclamation! Pere Grandet looked at his wife, at Eugenie, and atthe sugar-bowl. He recollected the extraordinary breakfast preparedfor the unfortunate youth, and he took a position in the middle of theroom. w wiggins health and beauty

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"Listen to me," he said, with his usual composure. "I hope that youwill not continue this extravagance, Madame Grandet. I don't give youMY money to stuff that young fellow with sugar."

"My mother had nothing to do with it," said Eugenie; "it was I who,""Is it because you are of age," said Grandet, interrupting hisdaughter, "that you choose to contradict me? Remember, Eugenie,""Father, the son of your brother ought to receive from us,""Ta, ta, ta, ta!" exclaimed the cooper on four chromatic tones; "theson of my brother this, my nephew that! Charles is nothing at all tous; he hasn't a farthing, his father has failed; and when this dandyhas cried his fill, off he goes from here. I won't have himrevolutionize my household."

"What is 'failing,' father?" asked Eugenie.

"To fail," answered her father, "is to commit the most dishonorableaction that can disgrace a man."

"It must be a great sin," said Madame Grandet, "and our brother may bedamned."

"There, there, don't begin with your litanies!" said Grandet,shrugging his shoulders. "To fail, Eugenie," he resumed, "is to commita theft which the law, unfortunately, takes under its protection.People have given their property to Guillaume Grandet trusting to hisreputation for honor and integrity; he has made away with it all, andleft them nothing but their eyes to weep with. A highway robber isbetter than a bankrupt: the one attacks you and you can defendyourself, he risks his own life; but the other,in short, Charles isdishonored."

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