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"A fearful blockhead!" said the serious member. w wiggins ltd christchurch

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Meanwhile the public prosecutor went on with his speech."Gentlemen of the jury," gracefully swaying his body, "the fateof society is to a certain extent in your power. Your verdictwill influence it. Grasp the full meaning of this crime, thedanger that awaits society from those whom I may perhaps bepermitted to call pathological individuals, such as Maslova.Guard it from infection; guard the innocent and strong elementsof society from contagion or even destruction." w wiggins

And as if himself overcome by the significance of the expectedverdict, the public prosecutor sank into his chair, highlydelighted with his speech. w wigilii uczestniczy?y 22 osoby

The sense of the speech, when divested of all its flowers ofrhetoric, was that Maslova, having gained the merchant'sconfidence, hypnotised him and went to his lodgings with his keymeaning to take all the money herself, but having been caught inthe act by Simeon and Euphemia had to share it with them. Then,in order to hide the traces of the crime, she had returned to thelodgings with the merchant and there poisoned him. w wigilii uczestniczy?y 22 osoby

After the prosecutor had spoken, a middle-aged man inswallow-tail coat and low-cut waistcoat showing a largehalf-circle of starched white shirt, rose from the advocates'bench and made a speech in defence of Kartinkin and Botchkova;this was an advocate engaged by them for 300 roubles. Heacquitted them both and put all the blame on Maslova. He deniedthe truth of Maslova's statements that Botchkova and Kartinkinwere with her when she took the money, laying great stress on thepoint that her evidence could not be accepted, she being chargedwith poisoning. "The 2,500 roubles," the advocate said, "couldhave been easily earned by two honest people getting from threeto five roubles per day in tips from the lodgers. The merchant'smoney was stolen by Maslova and given away, or even lost, as shewas not in a normal state."

The poisoning was committed by Maslova alone; therefore he beggedthe jury to acquit Kartinkin and Botchkova of stealing the money;or if they could not acquit them of the theft, at least to admitthat it was done without any participation in the poisoning.

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