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He did not mean to give them the Easter kiss, but only to benearer to her. Matrona Pavlovna bowed her head, and said with asmile, "Christ is risen!" and her tone implied, "To-day we areall equal." She wiped her mouth with her handkerchief rolled intoa ball and stretched her lips towards him.

"He is, indeed," answered Nekhludoff, kissing her. Then he lookedat Katusha; she blushed, and drew nearer. "Christ is risen,Dmitri Ivanovitch." "He is risen, indeed," answered Nekhludoff,and they kissed twice, then paused as if considering whether athird kiss were necessary, and, having decided that it was,kissed a third time and smiled.

"You are going to the priests?" asked Nekhludoff.

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"No, we shall sit out here a bit, Dmitri Ivanovitch," saidKatusha with effort, as if she had accomplished some joyous task,and, her whole chest heaving with a deep sigh, she lookedstraight in his face with a look of devotion, virgin purity, andlove, in her very slightly squinting eyes. wig wag glass

In the love between a man and a woman there always comes a momentwhen this love has reached its zenith,a moment when it isunconscious, unreasoning, and with nothing sensual about it. Sucha moment had come for Nekhludoff on that Easter eve. When hebrought Katusha back to his mind, now, this moment veiled allelse; the smooth glossy black head, the white tucked dressclosely fitting her graceful maidenly form, her, as yet,un-developed bosom, the blushing cheeks, the tender shining blackeyes with their slight squint heightened by the sleepless night,and her whole being stamped with those two marked features,purity and chaste love, love not only for him (he knew that), butfor everybody and everything, not for the good alone, but for allthat is in the world, even for that beggar whom she had kissed. wigan v huddersfield

He knew she had that love in her because on that night andmorning he was conscious of it in himself, and conscious that inthis love he became one with her. Ah! if it had all stoppedthere, at the point it had reached that night. "Yes, all thathorrible business had not yet happened on that Easter eve!" hethought, as he sat by the window of the jurymen's room. w wiggins

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When he returned from church Nekhludoff broke the fast with hisaunts and took a glass of spirits and some wine, having got intothat habit while with his regiment, and when he reached his roomfell asleep at once, dressed as he was. He was awakened by aknock at the door. He knew it was her knock, and got up, rubbinghis eyes and stretching himself.

"Katusha, is it you? Come in," said he.

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