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"Ah! Grandet," said the notary, "that would be the right thing to do.There is honor down here in the provinces. If you save your name,forit is your name,you will be a man," wigan v qpr

"A noble man!" cried the president, interrupting his uncle."Certainly," answered the old man, "my b-b-brother's name wasG-G-Grandet, like m-m-mine. Th-that's c-c-certain; I d-d-don'td-d-deny it. And th-th-this l-l-liquidation might be, in m-m-manyways, v-v-very advan-t-t-tageous t-t-to the interests of m-m-myn-n-nephew, whom I l-l-love. But I must consider. I don't k-k-know thet-t-tricks of P-P-Paris. I b-b-belong to Sau-m-mur, d-d-don't you see?M-m-my vines, my d-d-drains,in short, I've my own b-b-business. Inever g-g-give n-n-notes. What are n-n-notes? I t-t-take a goodm-m-many, but I have never s-s-signed one. I d-d-don't understand suchthings. I have h-h-heard say that n-n-notes c-c-can be b-b-bought up.""Of course," said the president. "Notes can be bought in the market,less so much per cent. Don't you understand?" wigan v bolton

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Grandet made an ear-trumpet of his hand, and the president repeatedhis words. wig vendors

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"Well, then," replied the man, "there's s-s-something to be g-g-gotout of it? I k-know n-nothing at my age about such th-th-things. Il-l-live here and l-l-look after the v-v-vines. The vines g-g-grow,and it's the w-w-wine that p-p-pays. L-l-look after the v-v-vintage,t-t-that's my r-r-rule. My c-c-chief interests are at Froidfond. Ic-c-can't l-l-leave my h-h-house to m-m-muddle myself with ad-d-devilish b-b-business I kn-know n-n-nothing about. You say I oughtto l-l-liquidate my b-b-brother's af-f-fairs, to p-p-prevent thef-f-failure. I c-c-can't be in two p-p-places at once, unless I were alittle b-b-bird, and,"

"I understand," cried the notary. "Well, my old friend, you havefriends, old friends, capable of devoting themselves to yourinterests."

"All right!" thought Grandet, "make haste and come to the point!""Suppose one of them went to Paris and saw your brother Guillaume'schief creditor and said to him,"

"One m-m-moment," interrupted the goodman, "said wh-wh-what? Somethingl-l-like this. Monsieur Gr-Grandet of Saumur this, Monsieur Grandet ofSaumur that. He l-loves his b-b-brother, he loves his n-nephew.Grandet is a g-g-good uncle; he m-m-means well. He has sold hisv-v-vintage. D-d-don't declare a f-f-failure; c-c-call a meeting;l-l-liquidate; and then Gr-Gr-Grandet will see what he c-c-can do.B-b-better liquidate than l-let the l-l-law st-st-stick its n-n-nosein. Hein? isn't it so?"

"Exactly so," said the president.

"B-because, don't you see, Monsieur de B-Bonfons, a man must l-l-lookb-b-before he l-leaps. If you c-c-can't, you c-c-can't. M-m-must knowall about the m-m-matter, all the resources and the debts, if youd-d-don't want to be r-r-ruined. Hein? isn't it so?"

"Certainly," said the president. "I'm of opinion that in a few monthsthe debts might be bought up for a certain sum, and then paid in fullby an agreement. Ha! ha! you can coax a dog a long way if you show hima bit of lard. If there has been no declaration of failure, and youhold a lien on the debts, you come out of the business as white as thedriven snow."

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