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Several persons,men and women,most of them carrying smallbundles, stood at this turning, about 100 steps from the prison.To the right there were several low wooden buildings; to theleft, a two-storeyed house with a signboard. The huge brickbuilding, the prison proper, was just in front, and the visitorswere not allowed to come up to it. A sentinel was pacing up anddown in front of it, and shouted at any one who tried to passhim. wig vector

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At the gate of the wooden buildings, to the right, opposite thesentinel, sat a warder on a bench, dressed in uniform, with goldcords, a notebook in his hands. The visitors came up to him, andnamed the persons they wanted to see, and he put the names down.Nekhludoff also went up, and named Katerina Maslova. The warderwrote down the name.

"Why,don't they admit us yet?" asked Nekhludoff. wig ventilating

"The service is going on. When the mass is over, you'll beadmitted."

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Nekhludoff stepped aside from the waiting crowd. A man intattered clothes, crumpled hat, with bare feet and red stripesall over his face, detached himself from the crowd, and turnedtowards the prison.

"Now, then, where are you going?" shouted the sentinel with thegun. wigan v st helens

"And you hold your row," answered the tramp, not in the leastabashed by the sentinel's words, and turned back. "Well, ifyou'll not let me in, I'll wait. But, no! Must needs shout, as ifhe were a general."

The crowd laughed approvingly. The visitors were, for the greaterpart, badly-dressed people; some were ragged, but there were alsosome respectable-looking men and women. Next to Nekhludoff stooda clean-shaven, stout, and red-cheeked man, holding a bundle,apparently containing under-garments. This was the doorkeeper ofa bank; he had come to see his brother, who was arrested forforgery. The good-natured fellow told Nekhludoff the whole storyof his life, and was going to question him in turn, when theirattention was aroused by a student and a veiled lady, who droveup in a trap, with rubber tyres, drawn by a large thoroughbredhorse. The student was holding a large bundle. He came up toNekhludoff, and asked if and how he could give the rolls he hadbrought in alms to the prisoners. His fiancee wished it (thislady was his fiancee), and her parents had advised them to takesome rolls to the prisoners.

"I myself am here for the first time," said Nekhludoff, "anddon't know; but I think you had better ask this man," and hepointed to the warder with the gold cords and the book, sittingon the right.

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