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"I have no gold myself. I had some, but it is all gone. I'll give youin return six thousand francs in /livres/, and you are to put themjust where I tell you. You mustn't think anything more about your'dozen.' When I marry you (which will be soon) I shall get you ahusband who can give you the finest 'dozen' ever seen in theprovinces. Now attend to me, little girl. There's a fine chance foryou; you can put your six thousand francs into government funds, andyou will receive every six months nearly two hundred francs interest,without taxes, or repairs, or frost, or hail, or floods, or anythingelse to swallow up the money. Perhaps you don't like to part with yourgold, hey, my girl? Never mind, bring it to me all the same. I'll getyou some more like it,,like those Dutch coins and the /portugaises/,the rupees of Mogul, and the /genovines/,,I'll give you some more onyour fete-days, and in three years you'll have got back half yourlittle treasure. What's that you say? Look up, now. Come, go and getit, the precious metal. You ought to kiss me on the eyelids fortelling you the secrets and the mysteries of the life and death ofmoney. Yes, silver and gold live and swarm like men; they come, andgo, and sweat, and multiply," wig ventilating supplies

Eugenie rose; but after making a few steps towards the door she turnedabruptly, looked her father in the face, and said,, wig ventilating supplies

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"I have not got /my/ gold."

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"You have not got your gold!" cried Grandet, starting up erect, like ahorse that hears a cannon fired beside him.

"No, I have not got it."

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"You are mistaken, Eugenie."

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