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"Mademoiselle!" she called through the window, "do you want some/galette/?"

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"No, no," answered Eugenie.

"Come, Nanon," said Grandet, hearing his daughter's voice. "See here."He opened the cupboard where the flour was kept, gave her a cupful,and added a few ounces of butter to the piece he had already cut off."I shall want wood for the oven," said the implacable Nanon."Well, take what you want," he answered sadly; "but in that case youmust make us a fruit-tart, and you'll cook the whole dinner in theoven. In that way you won't need two fires."

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"Goodness!" cried Nanon, "you needn't tell me that."

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Grandet cast a look that was well-nigh paternal upon his faithfuldeputy. wig ventilating machine

"Mademoiselle," she cried, when his back was turned, "we shall havethe /galette/." u wig cap

Pere Grandet returned from the garden with the fruit and arranged aplateful on the kitchen-table.

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