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As they were speaking, the large iron door with a window in itopened, and an officer in uniform, followed by another warder,stepped out. The warder with the notebook proclaimed that theadmittance of visitors would now commence. The sentinel steppedaside, and all the visitors rushed to the door as if afraid ofbeing too late; some even ran. At the door there stood a warderwho counted the visitors as they came in, saying aloud, 16, 17,and so on. Another warder stood inside the building and alsocounted the visitors as they entered a second door, touching eachone with his hand, so that when they went away again not onevisitor should be able to remain inside the prison and not oneprisoner might get out. The warder, without looking at whom hewas touching, slapped Nekhludoff on the back, and Nekhludoff felthurt by the touch of the warder's hand; but, remembering what hehad come about, he felt ashamed of feeling dissatisfied andtaking offence. wig updo hairstyles

The first apartment behind the entrance doors was a large vaultedroom with iron bars to the small windows. In this room, which wascalled the meeting-room, Nekhludoff was startled by the sight ofa large picture of the Crucifixion. wig upart

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"What's that for?" he thought, his mind involuntarily connectingthe subject of the picture with liberation and not withimprisonment. wig upart

He went on, slowly letting the hurrying visitors pass before, andexperiencing a mingled feeling of horror at the evil-doers lockedup in this building, compassion for those who, like Katusha andthe boy they tried the day before, must be here though guiltless,and shyness and tender emotion at the thought of the interviewbefore him. The warder at the other end of the meeting-room saidsomething as they passed, but Nekhludoff, absorbed by his ownthoughts, paid no attention to him, and continued to follow themajority of the visitors, and so got into the men's part of theprison instead of the women's.

Letting the hurrying visitors pass before him, he was the last toget into the interviewing-room. As soon as Nekhludoff opened thedoor of this room, he was struck by the deafening roar of ahundred voices shouting at once, the reason of which he did notat once understand. But when he came nearer to the people, he sawthat they were all pressing against a net that divided the roomin two, like flies settling on sugar, and he understood what itmeant. The two halves of the room, the windows of which wereopposite the door he had come in by, were separated, not by one,but by two nets reaching from the floor to the ceiling. The wirenets were stretched 7 feet apart, and soldiers were walking upand down the space between them. On the further side of the netswere the prisoners, on the nearer, the visitors. Between them wasa double row of nets and a space of 7 feet wide, so that theycould not hand anything to one another, and any one whose sightwas not very good could not even distinguish the face on theother side. It was also difficult to talk; one had to scream inorder to be heard.

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