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"The permission? Yes, I will give you an order of admittancedirectly. Take a seat."

He went up to the table, sat down, and began to write. "Pleasesit down." wig unboxing

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Nekhludoff continued to stand. t wigley inc detroit mi

Having written an order of admittance, and handed it toNekhludoff, the Procureur looked curiously at him.

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"I must also state that I can no longer take part in thesessions." wig usa

"Then you will have to lay valid reasons before the Court, asyou, of course, know."

"My reasons are that I consider all judging not only useless, butimmoral."

"Yes," said the Procureur, with the same scarcely perceptiblesmile, as if to show that this kind of declaration was well knownto him and belonged to the amusing sort. "Yes, but you willcertainly understand that I as Procureur, can not agree with youon this point. Therefore, I should advise you to apply to theCourt, which will consider your declaration, and find it valid ornot valid, and in the latter case will impose a fine. Apply,then, to the Court."

"I have made my declaration, and shall apply nowhere else,"Nekhludoff said, angrily.

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