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At last Matthew Nikitich also arrived, and the usher, a thin man,with a long neck and a kind of sideways walk, his nether lipprotruding to one side, which made him resemble a turkey, cameinto the jurymen's room.

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This usher was an honest man, and had a university education, butcould not keep a place for any length of time, as he was subjectto fits of drunkenness. Three months before a certain countess,who patronised his wife, had found him this place, and he wasvery pleased to have kept it so long. wig trend lubbock tx

"Well, sirs, is everybody here?" he asked, putting his pince-nezon his nose, and looking round.

"Everybody, I think," said the jolly merchant.

"All right; we'll soon see." And, taking a list from his pocket,he began calling out the names, looking at the men, sometimesthrough and sometimes over his pince-nez.

"Councillor of State, [grades such as this are common in Russia,and mean very little] J. M. Nikiforoff!"

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