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Madame Grandet followed her out. Madame des Grassins said in a lowvoice: "Let us keep our sous and stop playing." Each took his or hertwo sous from the chipped saucer in which they had been put; then theparty moved in a body toward the fire. swiggy

"Have you finished your game?" said Grandet, without looking up fromhis letter.

"Yes, yes!" replied Madame des Grassins, taking a seat near Charles.Eugenie, prompted by a thought often born in the heart of a young girlwhen sentiment enters it for the first time, left the room to go andhelp her mother and Nanon. Had an able confessor then questioned hershe would, no doubt, have avowed to him that she thought neither ofher mother nor of Nanon, but was pricked by a poignant desire to lookafter her cousin's room and concern herself with her cousin; to supplywhat might be needed, to remedy any forgetfulness, to see that all wasdone to make it, as far as possible, suitable and elegant; and, infact, she arrived in time to prove to her mother and Nanon thateverything still remained to be done. She put into Nanon's head thenotion of passing a warming-pan between the sheets. She herselfcovered the old table with a cloth and requested Nanon to change itevery morning; she convinced her mother that it was necessary to lighta good fire, and persuaded Nanon to bring up a great pile of wood intothe corridor without saying anything to her father. She ran to get,from one of the corner-shelves of the hall, a tray of old lacquerwhich was part of the inheritance of the late Monsieur de laBertelliere, catching up at the same time a six-sided crystal goblet,a little tarnished gilt spoon, an antique flask engraved with cupids,all of which she put triumphantly on the corner of her cousin'schimney-piece. More ideas surged through her head in one quarter of anhour than she had ever had since she came into the world."Mamma," she said, "my cousin will never bear the smell of a tallowcandle; suppose we buy a wax one?" And she darted, swift as a bird, toget the five-franc piece which she had just received for her monthlyexpenses. "Here, Nanon," she cried, "quick!" swig savvy

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"What will your father say?" This terrible remonstrance was uttered byMadame Grandet as she beheld her daughter armed with an old Sevressugar-basin which Grandet had brought home from the chateau ofFroidfond. "And where will you get the sugar? Are you crazy?""Mamma, Nanon can buy some sugar as well as the candle." wig tips

"But your father?"

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