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"Why did he come in?"

"There was some of the merchant's brandy left, and we finished ittogether."

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"Oh, finished it together. Very well! And did the prisoner talkto Kartinkin, and, if so, what about?" wig tripod

Maslova suddenly frowned, blushed very red, and said, hurriedly,"What about? I did not talk about anything, and that's all Iknow. Do what you like with me; I am not guilty, and that's all."

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"I have nothing more to ask," said the prosecutor, and, drawingup his shoulders in an unnatural manner, began writing down, asthe prisoner's own evidence, in the notes for his speech, thatshe had been in the empty room with Kartinkin. t wigg 1010xl

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There was a short silence.

"You have nothing more to say?"

"I have told everything," she said, with a sigh, and sat down.

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