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"Go without sugar at your age! I'd rather buy you some out of my ownpocket." wig tips

"Mind your own business."

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In spite of the recent fall in prices, sugar was still in Grandet'seyes the most valuable of all the colonial products; to him it wasalways six francs a pound. The necessity of economizing it, acquiredunder the Empire, had grown to be the most inveterate of his habits.All women, even the greatest ninnies, know how to dodge and dodge toget their ends; Nanon abandoned the sugar for the sake of getting the/galette/. swig definition

"Mademoiselle!" she called through the window, "do you want some/galette/?" wig tips

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"No, no," answered Eugenie.

"Come, Nanon," said Grandet, hearing his daughter's voice. "See here."He opened the cupboard where the flour was kept, gave her a cupful,and added a few ounces of butter to the piece he had already cut off."I shall want wood for the oven," said the implacable Nanon."Well, take what you want," he answered sadly; "but in that case youmust make us a fruit-tart, and you'll cook the whole dinner in theoven. In that way you won't need two fires."

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