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"Yes, but you need not undertake it. I am quite ready to go to Paris(you may pay my expenses, they will only be a trifle). I will see thecreditors and talk with them and get an extension of time, andeverything can be arranged if you will add something to the assets soas to buy up all title to the debts."

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"We-we'll see about th-that. I c-c-can't and I w-w-won't bind myselfwithout,He who c-c-can't, can't; don't you see?"

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"That's very true."

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"I'm all p-p-put ab-b-bout by what you've t-t-told me. This is thef-first t-t-time in my life I have b-been obliged to th-th-think,""Yes, you are not a lawyer." r wignall artist

"I'm only a p-p-poor wine-g-grower, and know n-nothing about wh-whatyou have just t-told me; I m-m-must th-think about it."

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"Very good," said the president, preparing to resume his argument."Nephew!" said the notary, interrupting him in a warning tone."Well, what, uncle?" answered the president.

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