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"The girl had the key," said the colonel. wig styles

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"What if she had?" retorted the merchant. wig salon

"And the ring?"


"But didn't she say all about it?" again cried the merchant. "Thefellow had a temper of his own, and had had a drop too muchbesides, and gave the girl a licking; what could be simpler?Well, then he's sorry,quite naturally. 'There, never mind,' sayshe; 'take this.' Why, I heard them say he was six foot five high;I should think he must have weighed about 20 stones."

"That's not the point," said Peter Gerasimovitch. "The questionis, whether she was the instigator and inciter in this affair, orthe servants?"

"It was not possible for the servants to do it alone; she had thekey."

This kind of random talk went on for a considerable time. At lastthe foreman said: "I beg your pardon, gentlemen, but had we notbetter take our places at the table and discuss the matter?Come, please." And he took the chair.

The questions were expressed in the following manner.

1. Is the peasant of the village Borki, Krapivinskia district,Simeon Petrov Kartinkin, 33 years of age, guilty of having, inagreement with other persons, given the merchant Smelkoff, on the17th January, 188-, in the town of N,,-, with intent to deprivehim of life, for the purpose of robbing him, poisoned brandy,which caused Smelkoff's death, and of having stolen from himabout 2,500 roubles in money and a diamond ring?

2. Is the meschanka Euphemia Ivanovna Botchkova, 43 years of age,guilty of the crimes described above?

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